Congratulations On Our Company's Obtaining The Certification Of ISO9001 Medical Device Quality Management System

Author:Kaijin medical Time:2020-11-16 14:28
The quality management system (QMS) of GB / T iso9001-2008yy / T0287-2003 was evaluated by the CMD certification audit team of Beijing state medical equipment Huaguang certification company. Audit the business department, comprehensive management department, production technology department, quality inspection department and other departments. Each department has set up the quality evaluation system according to the quality evaluation standard. It has passed the audit of GB / ISO9001-2008; YY / T0287-2003 quality management system in 2011.

Benefits of implementing ISO9001
ISO9001 provides a scientific quality management and quality assurance method and means for enterprises, which can be used to improve the internal management level.
Make the responsibilities of all kinds of internal personnel clear, avoid buck passing, and reduce the trouble of leaders.
The documented management system makes all quality work knowable, visible and verifiable. Through training, employees can understand the importance of quality and the requirements for their work.
The product quality can be guaranteed fundamentally.
It can reduce the various management costs and loss costs of enterprises and improve the efficiency.
Provide confidence for customers and potential customers.
Improve the image of the enterprise and increase the competitive strength.
To meet the requirements of market access
Therefore, in the next time, our company will, as always, improve product quality, meet customer requirements and improve customer satisfaction with good after-sales service.

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